This SWG meeting will have a special focus on CAR T cells, a therapeutic tool that is revolutionizing the field of hematologic malignancies and has the potential to achieve cure for a number of dreadful diseases. The recent approvals of the first CAR T cells treatments in Europe represents a great opportunity to fight hematologic malignancies, but also poses serious challenges given the peculiar nature of the treatment. Patients, physicians, nurses, hospitals and whole health systems need to learn how to select the right treatments, handle specific toxicities, organize treatment units and cope with the increasing costs connected with CAR T. This meeting provides the ideal context to meet these learning objectives, with speakers that will share first hand experience, including US presenters that pioneered the field. In addition, the program will include a comprehensive outlook on the current research efforts to increase CAR T cells therapies efficacy and targets, with inputs from basic researchers as well as debates involving industry delegates.


This meeting will cover the following topics:

  • CAR T therapies currently tested and used in the clinics
  • Pre-clinical pipeline – novel CAR technologies and targets
  • Safety / Clinical Management of CAR-T patients
  • Optimal patient selection for treatment with CAR T
  • Industry perspective and hospital perspective in manufacturing and administering CAR T
  • Health economics and reimbursement for CAR-T




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